Star Wars – Jedi Healer Audiobook (Medstar II)

Star Wars – Medstar II Jedi Healer Audiobook

Star Wars - Jedi Healer Medstar II Audiobook Free

Star Wars – Jedi Healer Medstar II Audiobook


The Rimsoo on Drongar is pushed to its restrictions, but Barriss locates a method to overstep the limits as well as experience the Force in an all new means. Join the Legendary Experiences as the battle for bota as well as Barriss’s soul decides in the second fifty percent of the MedStar duology!

Remember, the Separatists are on Drongar for one reason as well as one factor only: bota. In the previous Journey, we were introduced to the medicinal properties of bota. Star Wars – Jedi Healer Medstar II Audiobook Stream. Regardless of its extreme effectiveness towards healing clones as well as various other damaged soldiers, the Republic banned its use in medication. It was far as well valuable to lose in this manner in their eyes, as well as must be utilized per the Republic’s higher ups to make use of as they pleased. Regardless of the order against utilizing the bota for individual use, the docs are figured out to use it to bring their clients back to health and wellness with spectacular alacrity.

It is not as essential to note in this novel as it will certainly be later on, but bota likewise alters very quickly. We discover this out in this book that the mutations are happening so quickly that the bota could quickly spoil. What we don’t truly determine is why the Separatists desire it so severely. They are an android military, nevertheless, as well as their generals, as for we have seen, do not get much area work done. Exactly how would they be injured? The story does recommend that the Seps are more intent on running interference than they are looking to make an active step versus the Republic. Remove their supply lines and afterwards the Republic drops, right? You can inform that the battle is draining pipes both sides. Formerly, the Separatist had actually tried to make use of Jedi Hunter Droids, two different biological warfare approaches, attacked listening outposts, and also tried to penetrate Coruscant itself. Now, they battle to keep supplies far from the Republic. Not one of the most attractive job, but someone needs to do it, I suppose.

Medstar II Jedi Therapist Full CoverBota has even more usages than simply medication, though, as Barriss promptly learns. She is harmed in a fight and also makes a decision to take some of the bota in order to heal herself, instead of trusting in the Force to fix her wounds. After ingesting some of the bota, Barriss is connected quickly with the Planetary Force. The Legends canon has actually not yet discovered much of the different in between the Cosmic and also the Living Force, but depends on you having actually reviewed the previous product. That is, if you have no concept what the difference is (aside from Qui-Gon’s minor explanation to Anakin from The Phantom Hazard) this unique won’t explain it to you, either. What we do obtain, though, is that Barriss feels a much more powerful connection with as well as to the Force currently. You know when individuals state that they can taste a color? It is something comparable to that: an experience above any kind of our senses would frequently have the ability to approve us.

It appears as if this experience is excessive for her. After eating a few of the bota rather than utilizing her very own power to recover herself, she is opened up to the Dark Side. The novel again does not clearly study exactly what the link is in between the bota as well as the Dark Side, which I find rather disappointing. Barriss, toward the end of her “journey”, is able to deny the Dark Side as well as remain a Jedi. I do discover it intriguing that Barriss has an encounter with the Dark Side prior to her kip down The Duplicate Wars was revealed. I do very doubt that this was linked deliberately, but instead a happy accident.

In connection with the bota, this starts an uncomfortable series of intensifying Force powers that Reeves will certainly present throughout the remainder of his stories. In each of his stories thus far, and also in the upcoming Coruscant Nights trilogy (and matching The Last Jedi capstone), he introduces a new aspect to the Force and also a new power. Remember the taozin, the animals that could be hidden from the Force that Maul as well as Darsha Assant battled? Currently contribute to them the bota, a miracle drug which bolsters your connection to the Force. I stress that Legends, toward completion (despite the fact that this was early 2000s) felt the demand to continuously finesse itself in regards to defining the Force. Jedi Healer – Medstar II Audiobook Download. I won’t ruin much (in regards to this review), but bota does play a significant function later in the Legends canon (once again, under a Reeves penciled novel), so keep an eye out for it.